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Book Review: Delinquent Daddy by Linda Kage

Delinquent Daddy  - Linda Kage

Reading this without any expectations beforehand is the main reason I think why I enjoyed this. This offers completely nothing new but I was gripped. 

The secret baby trope is something that I've always been fond of reading and this doesn't exactly stray away from those I have read before that share the exact same plot. What I think made the difference is that for the first time, I was actually truly infuriated with both the main characters here. Them making my blood boiling was enough reason for me to stick through the end and find out if they can ever be redeemed in my book.

After finishing, I'm glad that my hatred with both the main characters progressed into ambivalence. I think that was enough to rate this book another half star. I was actually contemplating on just rating this a 2.5 seeing that I've read way too many of this plot in its genre and so far only few has earned high ratings from me like Katie Cotugno's How to Love. (Oh, I just realized that I have just somehow inadvertently advertised that novel here in my review now. I hope you guys don't mind then. *wink* *wink*)