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Book-Devouring Misfit

A 17-year old book lover from the Philippines just living a sedentary lifestyle reading books and writing reviews about them that no one reads. 


My book taste is quite eclectic. I read anything from young adult to fantasy to contemporary to new adult. Hell, there was actually a time when I read every formulaic NA out there consecutively and I haven't hated myself more ever since. Sometimes I think I'm quite of a masochist, you know? I frequently torture myself and drain my brain cells out with those kind of books. But really, I'd rather indulge myself in books that are mind-boggling. Books that will challenge me and make me think. 

My Ratings: 
I like to think I'm some literary snob but no, it just simply isn't me. I tend to rate books depending more on how it has affected me rather than going all grammar nazi on it. Or pinpointing out every flaw it has. If it really gutted me, then we're all good. It is a fault, I know. But what can I do? It is what it is.

Of course there are still those books that I'm now afraid to reread for I may regret even reading them in the first place. My way of rating books has - thankfully - changed and improved over time and my reviews now are different and more pondered upon save for a few exceptions - those books that really affected me and tugged at my heart. Yes, I have my limits too. 

Friend Requests: Fine, I will accept your friend request given that you are willing to chat about books. Never mind being able to write reviews. Just be a chatty book lover like me and we're friends. Happy?

Reviews: I'm a shitty writer, hence my shitty reviews. Okay, maybe I'm not really much of a shitty writer. I just often can't pull my ideas together. My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations. (Augustus Waters, you are not alone.)