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Book Review: Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt

Whoop. Finished this book in just two hours! 

So let us weigh down what I loved and loathe about this book, shall we?

- The dual POV was well done, actually, very well done. I must say, I was a bit dubious that the author will pull it off, but Lauren Barnholdt did a great job.
- The author's smooth and clear writing made it easier for me to tolerate the switching POV's and flashbacks. I'm not one for too much flashbacks and backstories but the ones here were impeccably written; I'm impressed.

- Stupid high school stereotypes
- Stupid myspace. I get that it the novel's setting was 2007 but, really?
- Stupid teenagers who get so all worked up with guys and girls after only one interaction. Is this how it works now?
No character development!!! 
- Stupid over use of the term ie.
- I thought this was supposed to be a road trip novel. Why didn't I feel like a part of the trip, as well??? Damn, this should not be classified as one. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, now that's a road trip novel.
- The ending wasn't enough. I was hoping for some kind of closure between the main character's relationship with the people around her - her dad, mom, Lloyd, Jocelyn. Nothing.

Okay. I pretty much ranted rather than praise, still, I enjoyed the book. 2.5 stars!