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Book Review: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Love  - Jessica Park

Flat-Out Love has got to be one of the best contemporary books I have ever read. It's got the wit, humor, relatable characters, and well-developed plot and of course the gut-wrenching romance that makes every reader be hooked with the story. 

I am utterly amazed of how good this book is. Usually, when I’m way too astounded with the brilliance of a book, I am unable to bring myself to make a review—a fitting one that would justify how great the book is. In this case, however, I urged myself to make one because this book just deserves the greatest of praises that there exist and I wouldn't let my admiration for it be unheard of.

The first chapter introduced me to a smart, snarky and funny protagonist and knowing myself to having a penchant for characters like this, was enough for me to devour the book completely. Plus, it’s got a very interesting plot and the high ratings suggest that this wouldn't be a waste of time. By interesting plot I meant, an incoming college freshman finds herself living under the roof of her mom’s college friend’s family after her rented apartment turns out to be a fraud. Surprisingly so, she finds herself involved in the not-so-normal Watkins family—quirky, as she describes it—believing that there is a secret they just wouldn’t let Julie know behind the family’s eccentricities. 

The writing— though I consider myself the opposite of an expert in this field— is amazing and very clever. I must say that the characters’ witty wordplay has got me laughing out loud so many times that both my brothers had annoyingly shot daggers at me.

As I poured myself entirely to the story, I couldn’t help loving all the characters even more. All of them were so very lovable. Yes, I admit, the Watkins household is a bit quirky. But we do know that there is a reason behind this quirkiness that Julie finds out later in the novel. Jessica Park just did an awesome job in refining the characters and gradually developing them towards the end of the story.

Not a single moment did I find myself itching for the book to end already. I savored every moment, every part of the story. There was a lot of emotion involved that would rip your hearts out, every fiber of your being, as if you were also a character in the book. That's how connected I was—how strong the pull of the book is—and it rarely happens to me, to be so deeply attached to a book.

For a self-published author, Jessica Park has sure got a unique knack in writing a very well-flowed plot, humor-filled dialogues and supplying a surprisingly set of interesting characters that will surely mark a place in your heart for a lifetime! This surely wouldn't be a waste of time. 

You must not miss it for the world!