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Book Review: The Proposition (The Proposition, #1) by Katie Ashley

the proposition - Katie Ashley

I don't know why but I've always loved reading books that deal with pregnancy, so when I got to read about the premise of this book, I immediately picked it up. It's short that I thought I could just finish it in one sitting and it sounds like a fun read. It was indeed fun but unfortunately, I failed to finish it in less than six hours, which is the maximum number of hours it takes for me to finish a book. My eyes just grew heavy last night that I had to wake up very early this morning just to finish this. Yep. I liked this book that much that I didn't bother be sleep deprived just to be able to finish this.

The Proposition has almost everything a quintessential NA book has: cliched plot and stereotyped characters. Even so, I genuinely still loved this one. 

First of all, I know for a fact that this plot has been overdone in almost every books and movies out there. Even as for the characters, I bet Emma and Aidan are no way more unique than those in the other films and books. They were as stereotyped as they can get but there's something different about them that make them stand out. 

The book didn't really revolve around a much bigger issue than Emma wanting to have a baby and Aidan agreeing to being the father only if by conceiving it naturally. Througout the book, we see how the characters evolve as a more developed person. So what I saw was that the book mainly focused on character development and it wasn't until the last pages did we find out that something bad was gonna happen. Even though it lacked in the scenarios and events department, I liked how it was done. We saw how Emma changed from being a hurt woman from her past to an amazing woman with becoming a mother as her only dream. Aidan, too, showed great improvement from being the reputable manwhore to being a guy who was willing to have something more. Sounds cliched? Ugh, I know. Really, I swear 98.99% the book is. But if you trust me and read it, you'd find out that there's more to it that I can no longer explain in this review that made me enjoy this book so much. It was really surprisingly good for an already overdone and predictable book.