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Book Review: Frigid (Frigid, #1) by J. Lynn

Frigid - J. Lynn

After finishing Frigid, I can't help but wonder how people were even able to digest it and rave about what an awesome book it is! Really, people? This book was nothing but plain boring and predictable , and annoying and I'm already being really generous by giving this a one-star rating. If not really for the minor characters and some funny moments, I would've totally dnfed this already. 

Frigid is just yet another clichéd story between two best friends who are secretly in love with each other and all that shit. Sydney's been in love with Kyler since like forever and though he feels the same way, too, instead of pursuing her, he did exactly the opposite and screwed around with other girls because he feels that he's not "good enough" for her and she's the kind of girl who deserves someone "better." 


Well you know what, I think that is just bullshit. If my bestfriend was secretly in love with me, I think I'd pretty much notice it. I also wouldn't deprive myself the opportunity of being with him because I'm not good enough for him or because he deserves someone better. If I wasn't good enough for him, we'd never even be best friends in the first place so that reason Kyler has there is a total bullshit.

And if the guy and I had been best friends since preschool, I don't think it would take until we're both stranded at a ski resort for us to declare our undying love for each other. And it certainly wouldn't begin with me - for goodness' sake - begging the guy todo me like he does the other girls. Yes, Sydney is pathetic like that. And stupid, too. Ugh, I have never hated a main character as much as hate Sydney. She begged Kyler! To treat her like one of his one-night stands! She didn't even complain when Kyler unawarely felt her up in his sleep! Have some dignity for yourself, woman! Oh, I take that back. Sydney, despite being 21-years old, is not even close to being a woman. She's like a child! All she ever did was whine and overthink worthless things such as "Oh, Kyler must regret what happened to us last night." Kyler this, Kyler that. Blah blah blah. 

Congratuwelldone J. Lynn for making a character who is the epitome of stupidity. I think I just found my newest most-hated main character of all time. I think she'd be sticking in the first place for a while.

I am practically done. There's even more actually, a lot morethat I despised about this book and if I let myself recall and write them all here, I think I'd totally destroy myself. I'd be so done than I already am now. No, thank you. I've had enough already.